Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The behavior of the great powers in the international system, emerging threats to international security, declining expectations from international organizations, surfacing nationalism and protectionism and arising trade wars all signal that something is approaching or the world is quickly approaching a point of total disarray.

  • Operation leads to arrest of senior members of terror group, which is trying to become active in Europe with help of PKK

  • This week some unexpected developments have occurred in international politics which signaled the direction of change in the international system.

  • The United States is revising its decision to exit Syria. Washington initially hoped to complete the withdrawal by April or, at the latest, the summer months. Yet the White House announced last week that 200 U.S. troops would remain on the ground for an unspecified amount of time to promote peace.

  • On the condition that both sides engage in sincere negotiations, Ankara-Washington relations can easily get back on track again in a very short period of time