Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Trump tweeted victory over Daesh and said he was pulling US troops from Syria. Turkey and Russia have welcomed the decision. France and the UK say they're staying engaged. The US withdrawal could change the balance of forces in the Syrian war.

  • The devastating humanitarian crisis in Yemen, where people are struggling to survive and save themselves from diseases, has gone largely unnoticed for years

  • Ankara has declared a counterterror offensive against the YPG, signaling that it is time for U.S. forces to step back from northern Syria in order to avoid a possible confrontation with the Turkish military

  • The latest issue of Insight Turkey, 'The Struggle over Central Asia: Chinese-Russian Rivalry and Turkey’s Comeback,' focuses on different topics including the latest developments in Central Asia, which has high potential but came under the spotlight only in recent years and also the highly important general and presidential June 24, 2018 elections in Turkey.

  • People in Western European countries have been on the streets for the last few months demanding something from their respective governments.