Türkiye’s upcoming moves amid transforming region, geopolitical risks

The recently-improved capacity of Türkiye’s defense industry and the country’s active policies will play an important role in the search for a new security architecture

Türkiye s upcoming moves amid transforming region geopolitical risks
The trajectory of the Ukraine war will be shaped by

The trajectory of the Ukraine war will be shaped by external factors and their reaction and their position in this world

Experts discussed ongoing Russia's war in Ukraine and shared their expectations over the course of the war as part of a session of the Turkish national broadcaster TRT's World Forum on Saturday.


Türkiye has developed 'significant capabilities' to solve conflicts surrounding country, says general coordinator of Ankara based-think tank SETA

Ankara's foreign policy moves are not motivated by maximalist claims, but a geopolitical necessity to protect its security, interests

President Erdogan: “There are many things that we can contribute to the European Union. They may have things to contribute to us but what should be done is, I suppose, to consult with 81 million people [in Turkey] and see what they will decide.”

President Trump's foreign policy approach and rhetoric suggest that the United States will stick to a particularly crude brand of unilateralism permanently.