Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • At the moment, the Middle East is going through turbulent times. It is clear the end of this political crisis is not near.

  • Both Egyptian and Turkish armies have wielded disproportionate influence on the political course of their respective countries. Their roles were not confined to security sectors, as expected from an army in a democratic political sphere.

  • A lose-lose balance has already been formed, so both parties have no choice but to reach a political consensus as they have notably high grassroots potential.

  • If Putin has his Assad, the United States has its Sisi. Russia dubbed the massacres in Syria “fight against terror” while the U.S. labeled the coup in Egypt “democratization.”

  • If the new regime in Egypt survives in the coming days, nobody will win a strategic advantage; rather, all actors in the Middle East will lose dearly, most significantly the Egyptian people themselves.