Macron’s weak victory in France

France’s incumbent President Emmanuel Macron and the far-right National Rally’s (RN) Marine Le Pen secured …
  • The French votes reveal that right-wing populism will continue to influence the European political domain in the near future
  • Based on the facts discussed so far, it is obvious that Macron, who was defeated against the central parties in the regional elections held in June, will be more Islamophobic in order to maintain his popularity in society and to gain votes from his opponents.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron is back on the stage with more of the outlandish claims we have come to expect. In a seeming attempt to make up for his failure to get the European Union to sanction Turkey, the Frenchman launched a fresh attack against Ankara. While German Chancellor Angela Merkel stresses the importance of interdependence and a constructive relationship, Macron continues to threaten Turkey with sanctions.

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