The ‘garden-forest’ metaphor: Crisis of European political mind

Some analogies can mean more than just the point they are trying to demonstrate. They …
  • When evaluated in terms of international security and geopolitical dimensions, it stands as a concrete reality that Russia must first be persuaded in order for Ukraine to become a member of the EU.
  • Pêşengên Yekîtiya Ewropayê (YE) di 25-26ê adarê da wek online civîn kir, lê di civînê da gelek mijar hatin taloqkirin. Aqûbeta têkiliyên bi Rûsyayê ra jî di nav mijarên ku hatin taloqkirin da ma. Di civînê da li ser têkiliyên dualî pir kêm hatin nirxandin û guftûgokirina berfireh a têkiliyên dualî ji civîneke din ra hat hiştin. Lê beriya civînê Serokê Konseya YEyê Charles Michel bi Serokê Dewleta Rûsyayê Vladîmîr Putîn ra bi têlefonê axivî û ji bo normalîzebûna têkiliyan daxwaz hatin kirin. Ev di navbera aliyan da şert û mercên destpêkeke heyama nû nîşan dide.
  • French President Emmanuel Macron, in contrast, highlighted Europe’s Turkish dilemma in an interview with France 5. First, he recognized Turkey, a NATO ally, as an important trade partner and a key ally in the fight against illegal migration toward Europe. Then, Macron spoke about the fear that 3 million Syrians will come to the continent. Finally, he claimed that Turkey was going to “attempt to influence” French elections.

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • U.S. President Joe Biden recently made his first foreign policy speech since his inauguration on Jan. 6. In an approximately 20-minute address to State Department personnel, there was not any unexpected move or position.

  • If they were more supportive, Washington and Brussels could help Ankara and Athens improve their bilateral initiatives

  • Whether it be de-escalating tensions with Greece through negotiation, jump-starting the Cyprus talks, organizing a regional conference on the Eastern Mediterranean, renegotiating the refugee deal, visa liberalization or updating the customs union, Turkey will persistently pursue diplomacy as it attempts to make a fresh start with the European Union. All of these points are on Ankara's agenda as it awaits the upcoming visit of the presidents of the European Council and Commission to Turkey.

  • The current European governments and politicians who face many political, social and economic problems try to use other states, peoples and civilizations as a tool for their own interests. They try to instrumentalize them for their own good, no matter how it might harm others.

  • The Eastern Mediterranean question, like a ghost train, shuttles around and around, plunging the global agenda into fright with each passing day.