Did Turkey get what it wanted at the London summit?

The NATO leaders’ meeting went better than expected. In the alliance’s final communique, released after …
  • NATO leaders met in London at a time of uncertainty for the U.K. While the public and British authorities are overwhelmed with the debates on Brexit and getting ready for the parliamentary elections to be held next week, the NATO leaders' summit was held in the British capital to make landmark decisions for the future of the alliance. NATO is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its establishment, and the defense alliance was in search of a new vision and updated agenda.
  • U.S. governments have been questioning the contribution of the NATO alliance for the last two decades. Although the U.S. pioneered the enlargement of the alliance, it mostly prefers to act unilaterally in its security policy, which creates problems for NATO.
  • Relations between the Trump team and the media may further sour in the coming days. The international system and regional crises are also not making Trump's job easier.