Trump must stop Congress from ending Turkey-US relationship

The U.S. Congress, acting under the influences of anti-Turkey sentiment in Washington, is back in …
  • A new conversation with strategic perspective, realistic goals and achievable outcomes needs to be restarted between Turkey and the U.S.
  • Last week, one of the most significant developments in regards to Turkish-American relations was the meeting of U.S. President Donald Trump with dozens of Republican senators. Reportedly, during the meeting President Trump tried to convince the senators in regards to the potential negative impacts of adopting sanctions against Turkey to the U.S. and its bilateral relations.
  • The S-400 air defense system's delivery to Turkey has sparked debate among Western governments on Ankara's future treatment. The question at hand goes beyond concerns about the fate of Turkey-U.S. relations. This is much bigger than one key NATO ally removing another key ally from the joint F-35 fighter jet program.

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