Türkiye’s Call for International Assistance and the International Community’s Response

Natural disasters, wars, and economic collapse tend to seriously undermine social order and make it …
  • Turkey initiated a large-scale Westernization project immediately after the declaration of the Republic. It had decided to follow the footsteps of the enemy it had fought during World War I and the Independence War. It introduced many political, economic, even social and cultural reforms during the first two decades of the interwar period. In the wake of World War II, the Soviet threat further paved the way for Turkey's alliance with the West.
  • As an emerging power from the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey must be more visible in Latin America and we very likely will be.
  • Turkey's presidency of the G20 in 2015 presents a golden opportunity to bring crucial development issues to the global governance agenda and stimulate dynamism of its national economy by forming new diplomatic and commercial linkages.