Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • This tragic incident in Paris once again reminded the world that the threat of terrorism is real and present and we need an international effort to deal with this growing threat.

  • After the death of King Abdullah, the Saudi royal family could face several challenges in the future and a power struggle as palace intrigue could emerge.

  • If anyone actually thought that the Arab revolts, the most recent wave of change in the Middle East, would allow Iran and Israel to put pressure on the region, though, time has proved them wrong.

  • SETA PANEL   Oturum Başkanı:     Talip Küçükcan, SETA    Konuşmacılar:    Walid Saffour, Suriye  İnsan Hakları Komitesi (SHRC) Başkanı    Nadim Houry, İHİÖ Başkan Yrdc. ve Ortadoğu ve Kuzey Afrika Sorumlusu    Cengiz Çandar, Radikal Gazetesi Yazarı    Tarih: 26 Nisan 2012 Perşembe  Saat: 11.00-13.00  Yer: SETA, Ankara Salonu

  • Lebanon is a microcosm of Middle Eastern conflicts, and it has often turned into a battlefield of conflicting regional and international actors.