Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Constitutively, the “Euphrates Shield” operation had two phases. The first phase aimed to liberate several villages and areas in the west and south of Jarabulus in order to be able to lay siege to the city. In the second phase, an offensive attack enabled the entrance of the aforementioned forces to the city center.

  • Reminding of its credible history in terms of ability to repay, and underlining the ongoing efforts for strengthened political and economic prospects, Turkey invites all interested global associates to closely witness its sincere dedication to a bright future.

  • We can say that the organization enacted a three-stage plan on the night of July 15.

  • In the shadow of on-going discussions about the integration and legal status of Syrians living in Turkey, Yavuz Güçtürk, a researcher at SETA’s Law and Human Rights Department, made an assessment on the current position of Syrian refugees who have preferred forced displacement over war.

  • The conference brings together experts, academics, media representatives and bureaucrats on supply and demand side of conventional/unconventional and alternative energy security issue from Turkey and abroad including USA, Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Israel, Turkmenistan and Italy.