Economic codes of the Feb 28 post-modern coup

This week, large segments of the Turkish society commemorated the 21th anniversary of the Feb. …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The coup attempt was unorthodox because it was executed outside of the chain of command, i.e. not by orders from the central command of the Chief of Staff, but rather by military units controlled by Gülenist coup plotters from different divisions within the military

  • We can say that the organization enacted a three-stage plan on the night of July 15.

  • It was a tragic night, it was a fateful night, it was a night that showed so many things about the Turkish people, their bravery, their dedication and commitment to democracy

  • The reason behind the Feb. 28 post-modern coup, which was an outcome of the past military tutelage of politics, was economic

  • An ancient Chinese saying goes “May you live in interesting times” which, could describe the dramatic developments that we witnessed this week concerning two key political figures from Egypt and Turkey, former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and longtime Turkish politician Süleyman Demirel.