The foundational role of July 15

Turkey marked the second anniversary of the July 15 coup attempt on Sunday, during which …

Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • Life is a perpetual quest for renewal, and the not-so-uncommon pain of change often calls for a strong narrative. After all, one tends to find some comfort in the magic of words. The power of discourse allows us to blend yesterday's memories with the promise of today and the future.

  • Erdogan’s presidential victory highlights that despite Turkey’s polarisation over the Kemalist era's legacy – the vast majority see him as the best route towards a modern, prosperous society.

  • The US president’s appeasement of Israel would shame his former dining partners, whose own stories capture America’s problematic relationship with the Middle East.

  • How has the rebellion against the Maliki administration in Iraq started? Who are the Sunni groups other than ISIS fighting in the field? What is the ultimate goal of these groups?

  • Turkey is deadlocked again over the headscarf issue. The matter is about more than lifting or enforcing the headscarf ban. As in all critical issues, it goes to the heart of the established order.