The Charm of the Discourse on New Turkey

Life is a perpetual quest for renewal, and the not-so-uncommon pain of change often calls for a strong narrative. After all, one tends to find some comfort in the magic of words. The power of discourse allows us to blend yesterday's memories with the promise of today and the future.
  • The regional actors are roughly divided into two camps. All regional administrations, except Turkey, are fighting – over each other – to extend the life of the Sykes-Picot order.
  • Resim Yok

    The rise to power of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdoğan marks a new era in positive Turkish-Syrian relations. The new Syrian attitude towards Turkey represents a break from past: Syria considers Turkey a reliable partner for brokering a peace deal between Syria and Israel, and Turkey offers opportunities for political and economic cooperation for improving the welfare and security of two countries. The Syrian administration considers Turkey’s partnership to be a key factor in its attempts to achieve integration into the international community, a solution of the problems with Israel, and the securing of territorial unity in Iraq.