Roadmap of AK Party to 2019: Development, Reform, Fighting with Terrorism

President Erdogan’s accomplished performance of development in many areas such as reforms, development, energy and trade since 2003, is AK Party’s main advantage in the next period.

General Coordinator of SETA Prof. Dr. Burhanettin Duran stated that “Erdogan’s return to AK Party is a great advantage, because there will no problem of candidacy for 2019 presidential election. It is quite clear for AK Party.”

According to Prof. Dr. Duran, Erdogan’s strong exetutive and party leadership can lead efficiently all the electorate in the next period.

Prof. Dr. Duran also commented on the Roadmap of AK Party to 2019 of development, reform and fighting with terrorism. In the next period under the executive of Erdogan, Turkey will do its best to secure people from terrorism but at the same time Turkey will try to keep level of democracy and economic development.

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