Turkish Air Force - Syria

Perspective | The Syria Catastrophe: Is There a Possibility of a Compromise Between the USA and Turkey?

What were the United States’ aim and strategy? In what direction is the U.S. strategy transforming? Is a compromise of both achievable if Turkey’s aim and strategy is taken?

The USA continues its ‘Middle East game’ in Syria after the explicit failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, for the sake of Israel’s security and survival. The USA’s recent policy on the Syrian crisis underlines that it wants to continue a ‘game’ in Syria by transforming the context even though the basic principles remain unchanged. For instance, the USA, at the moment, works with the PKK/PYD terrorist network as if there is no other option. In this sense, the Secretary of Defence resisted Trump’s withdrawal agenda and, at least, managed to convert his withdrawal decision to a ‘sustainable’ transition, although Trump remains steady in his decision to lower the profile of the U.S. special forces which reaches approximately 5,000 ground troops. It is apparent from the current diplomatic engagements that the USA is in search of a ‘smart’ exit that is based on preserving the obtained gains and achieving the ultimate pre-identified goals. But the issue is whether the USA is currently in a course to challenge its Syria policy and reach a compromise with Turkey for the common benefit of both actors.

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