Web Panel: Womens of Syria | Ten Years into the Crisis

  • Date : 08/03/2021
  • Time : 14:00 : 16:00
  • End  : 08/03/2021
  • Address :

  • Moderator : Hazal Duran, SETA Researcher
  • Speakers : 

    Dr. Rida Anis, Faculty Member of Hasan Kalyoncu University.

    Nivin Hotary, CEO of the Women Support and Empowerment Unit Organization

    Huda Sirjawi, Member of the Syrian Constitutional Committee (CSO delegation)

    Kawthar Kashkoosh, Member of the Local Council of Al Bab City

    Walaa Ahmado, Women Activist leads works related to Women Detainees

    Ruba Habboush, Vice President of the Syrian National Coalition

    Hind Kabawat, Women Activist and CEO of Tastakel Organization

Syria, still struggling for stability, is currently experiencing humanitarian disasters that women and children are the victims of it. They deprive of the basic services and opportunities to build their own way of life and future. Forgotten voices of the Syrian conflict, women, are the ones who chest the burdens to sustain the least offers of the live. This panel is dedicated to have their voices in order to display the ignored dimension. The focus of the panel is to search the quests of women and their projections on how to reach a gateway to conclude the crises. The Women’s Day on March 8th will be the appropriate timing to hear the voices of wise silence.