Coup-Attempt, a Desperate Movement Which Failed Strategically and Tactically

Aiming to support their democratic government, the Turkish people who gathered around the streets showed resistance and they were politically aware of what they were doing.

Hasan Barsi Yalçın argued that shortly after the July 15 coup-attempt it became obvious that the Gülen terrorist movement would not be successful due to the cooperation between the people, police and government. This unison made possible the resistance towards this kind of instabilities.

The coup attempt was an act of desperation because it did not have support neither within the military nor from the people. According to Yalçın those who organized the coup-attempt did wrong calculations both in the strategic and tactical level. Specifically he says that it has been clear that this organization did not have the support of the public, but they never saw it as a shortcoming. They thought that this could be solved strategically; however, they failed in this regard as well.  

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