Israel's Revenge over Palestinian Reconciliation

What did Israel want to achieve in its latest assault on Gaza? What does the Palestinian reconciliation reveal at this current stage of the Israeli Palestinian conflict? Have the international and regional perceptions changed with this latest attack on Gaza?

Israel's Revenge over Palestinian Reconciliation
The Map of Insurgency in Iraq The Armed Groups

The Map of Insurgency in Iraq: The Armed Groups

How has the rebellion against the Maliki administration in Iraq started? Who are the Sunni groups other than ISIS fighting in the field? What is the ultimate goal of these groups?


How has ISIS, coming to the fore in Iraq and Syria, emerged? How has the basic philosophy of the organization been shaped and who are the leaders of this organization?

What are the main drivers of Turkish exports? What are the dynamics behind the exports to the EU? What does the recent revival of the Turkey-EU trade relations indicate?

What do the Crimean Tatars mean for the region? Why did Russia take such a dramatic step as annexation, and what does Russia expect from this? Where does Turkey stand on this issue?

How are domestic political crises in Turkey reflected in the EU reports? How should the interaction areas of foreign policy between TR and the EU be interpreted? What is the role of the Cyprus issue in the EU accession process?

An Attempt of Mass Killings by the State: The Death Penalty for 529 People in Egypt

How could the apathy of the international community towards the death verdicts in Egypt be interpreted? Is the decision for death sentences legitimate? Is the judiciary in Egypt independent?

An Attempt of Mass Killings by the State The Death
The Cornerstone of Economic Performance Political Stability

The Cornerstone of Economic Performance: Political Stability

What are the main transmission channels between political uncertainty and economy? What are the common examples to the influence of political stability in the world economy? What have the results of the stability in Turkish economy been in the recent period?


Which approach has shaped Iran’s understanding of foreign policy after the Revolution? What are the basic approaches to Iran’s “interest-based” foreign policy?

For how long will the perpetrators behind the killings in Syria be left to the conscience of real politics instead of international law as it was the case in the Bosnian War?

What should be expected from international law in the face of the crimes committed against humanity in Syria?

Extrication of the Turkish-Israeli relationship from the US-Turkey relationship represented a structural change.