The Declaration of the State of Emergency and Its Implications after the Failed Coup Attempt on July 15

Why did Turkey declare a state of emergency? What does it mean and what are the implications of it? Does the state of emergency mean bypassing the Grand National Assembly of Turkey (TBMM)?

The Declaration of the State of Emergency and Its Implications
The July 15 Resistance by the Turkish People Googling How

The July 15 Resistance by the Turkish People: Googling “How to Stop a Tank”

Why is the July 15 Turkish Resistance against the coup attempt is a civil resistance case? How did unarmed civilians become successful in the face of troops? Why did the July 15 resistance receive broad-based participation? What are the factors that will shape the future of the July 15 resistance campaign?


What happened on July 15 and who was behind the coup attempt? How did domestic actors respond? What was the response of international actors?

What kind of strategies can work against such a clandestine organization? Is it possible to de-radicalize the followers of such a fundamentalist group? How can international cooperation be facilitated against the provocative speculations disseminated in the international media? What sort of strategies can be followed against the leadership and messianic ideology of the FETO?

How does the Gulenist infiltration strategy work? Have the Gulenists attempted any takeover before? What is the Gulenist link to the failed coup attempt?

How was the coup attempt supposed to work? How did it fail? How did the process of fighting against the coup work?

The Power of ‘New'

Ahead of the June 7 elections, the AK Party introduced a 350-page vision document reminding voters that the country, having broken the chains of guardianship, needs to prepare for ‘the second half'

The Power of New'
Palestinians in East Jerusalem Road Map to Annexation

Palestinians in East Jerusalem: Road Map to Annexation

What are the sources of recent unrest in East Jerusalem? What does Israel want to achieve? How is this received by Palestinians? What is a proper course of action by the international community?


What is the role of the Security Sector in triggering the Arab-Majority Uprisings? What kinds of obstacles is Security Sector Reform facing? What steps need to be taken in order to facilitate Security Sector Reform?

When has the PKK and the PYD’s relation with the Asad Regime started and how has it evolved? Why has ISIS begun to target the PYD? What are the possible implications of the fall of Ayn Al Arab?

Is this draft guaranteeing Muslims the same rights as other legally recognized churches and public religious bodies?

What is the ISIS strategy in the north of Iraq? In which regions do the Peshmerga-ISIS clashes intensify? Who are the partners of the prospective coalition against ISIS and what do they aim for?