The French Initiative to Change the Qur’an

How can we contextualize the initiative for changing the Qur’an? What are the philosophical bases of this initiative? Is there a genealogical connection to the Islamophobic network? What is the main function of this initiative?

The French Initiative to Change the Qur an
Lafarge s Cooperation with Terrorist Organizations in Syria A State

Lafarge’s Cooperation with Terrorist Organizations in Syria: A State Scandal?

Why did the Lafarge Group strike agreements with DAESH, the YPG, Al-Nusra and other terrorist groups in Syria? Was the French state involved in such agreements? If so, to what extent? How do these incidents impact the Lafarge Group and the French state?


Why is the PKK targeting the Turks living in Germany? To what extent is the PKK a threat to Germany? What is Germany’s policy towards the PKK?

What is the strategic reasoning behind Turkey’s military operation against the PKK in the Afrin region? What does Turkey’s game plan mean for the region? What are the implications of Turkey’s military operation for the future of the Turkey-U.S.-Russia triangle?

What are the policy divergences between Turkey and the US in Syria? What is the US policy to stabilize Syria after the demise of ISIS? How will the Afrin operation influence US-Turkey relations?

What are Turkey’s concerns regarding the KRG’s independence move? What leverage does Turkey have on the KRG? What is Turkey’s post-referendum game plan?

Regional Implications of the Qatar Crisis: Increasing Vulnerabilities

Why will the Qatar crisis make the region more vulnerable to security issues? What are the main problems of isolation of Qatar? How would the ongoing crisis affect regional conflicts?

Regional Implications of the Qatar Crisis Increasing Vulnerabilities
Fighting Terrorism and a Clashing Alliance The Case of Turkey-U

Fighting Terrorism and a Clashing Alliance: The Case of Turkey-U.S. Security Relations

How U.S. support to the PYD/PKK in Syria will affect the Turkey-U.S. relationship? What will be the implications of the U.S. strategy to defeat DAESH for the region? How is the PKK taking advantage of the U.S. military assistance to the YPG?


What are the decisive factors in Turkey’s relations with various regions and partners? What policy should Turkey adopt to enhance or establish amicable relations and sustain existing ones? What is the place of the “increasing friends” policy in the near future of Turkish foreign policy?

What are the weaknesses of the current system of governance in terms of the economy? What will the presidential system bring to the Turkish Economy?

What are the institutional necessities of effective threat response within the current security environment? What advantages will the new constitutional amendments provide in meeting these necessities?

How did the media in a number of Western European countries cover the military coup attempt of July 15 and the terrorist attacks in France? What is the role of Islamophobia and Orientalism in the Western media coverage of the military coup attempt in Turkey?