Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • The U.S. is concentrating too much on the Middle East, which may cost it dearly; it has already issues such as the trade war with China, the Venezuelan crisis and Russia's increasing global effectiveness to handle

  • The Donald Trump administration continues to use American power crudely every day. Washington not only continues to dismantle the post-World War II liberal order, an American creation, but has also imposed its unilateral national interest on the international arena and its actors.

  • The Trump administration is using sanctions, mostly economic sanctions, more aggressively compared to earlier administrations. Last summer, Washington imposed national security sanctions on Turkish steel and aluminum due to the detention of pastor Andrew Brunson in Turkey.

  • Debates and discussions regarding Iran have spanned years in Washington. From the "axis of evil" to "Sunni-Shiite equilibrium" and the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) to the "maximum pressure" campaign, there have been a variety of different positions and policies offered by the last three administrations in the White House.

  • Leadership requires managing multiple interacting layers at the same time. It also entails meeting conflicting needs and demands simultaneously without allowing them to collide with each other. Precise, effective timing and ordering is a sine qua non. It is crucial to keep the balance of what needs to be done. In reviewing, you should not lose control or reproduce disputes. This can be achieved not by succumbing to the clichés, but breaking them.