Bu Konuda Daha Fazla

  • When the larger picture that takes the "Trump factor" and rising global economic tensions into account is analyzed, it is clear that the turbulent period in the global economy might be with the U.S. well into the medium term.

  • The Brexit’s aftereffects on the Turkish economy will hinge mostly upon the Brexit formula to be devised. The new structure of UK-EU trade could include Turkey as an associated party or, alternatively, pave the way for a new bilateral agreement with the UK.

  • Turkey should switch its financial system from debt-based finance to equity-based finance to meet the manufacturing industry’s need for new investments.

  • The negative effects of the failed coup attempt have remained limited due to Turkey’s strong macroeconomic indicators, strong public finance, sustainable current account deficit, private sector efforts and comforting statements of policymakers and economists.

  • Reminding of its credible history in terms of ability to repay, and underlining the ongoing efforts for strengthened political and economic prospects, Turkey invites all interested global associates to closely witness its sincere dedication to a bright future.