• How many victims of the terrorist attacks in Turkey or other countries would be enough to push the international community to say 'stop' the deadly terror groups and fight on the ground against them?

  • The same people who hailed the PKK as a merry band of revolutionaries might soon have to face the fact that they were in bed with terrorists all along.

  • This study proposes an analytical view to better understand the dynamics of bomb-laden vehicle attacks carried out by the terrorist organization PKK.

  • There is a genocide going on in Aleppo in front of the eyes of the entire world; civilians are being killed indiscriminately, without a care for whether man or woman, child or adult, child, young or old

  • The Turkish Army’s bitter experiences, such as the PKK’s recent attack near the Çığlı military zone, highlights the unanticipated consequences of shortfalls and limitations in countermeasure abilities against MANPADS, and draws attention to the need to strengthen capabilities for detecting, locating, identifying, and defeating targets through UAVs.